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Off Road Wales Logo A series of 4x4 Land Rovers undertake an off road expedition
A series of 4x4 Land Rovers undertake an off road expedition
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Off Road Wales Limited is based at Jersey Marine Swansea and is ideally located for an exhilarating off road drive on green lanes in Land Rover vehicles through either the rugged terrain of the beautiful Brecon Beacons, Elan Valley or Llyn Brianne reservoir but to name a few.

We have named this event the "All Terrain Leisure Pursuit" (ATLP).

Not only is it a fun day, but it is the perfect gift with a difference and a superb event for those who wish to reward their staff by way of corporate activity.

It is an excellent team building event and Delegates will be expected to assist and put their trust in each other when (amongst other things) they will have to deal with a number of challenges prior to setting off from our base; help each other to negotiate some of the trickier parts of the routes; drive blindfolded under controlled conditions; and wash the vehicles at the end of the day.

In addition, the event will hone 4x4 driving skills and is considered a superb stress busting experience, as the only thing on the mind of the Delegate(s) will be to drive the vehicles from point A to point B safely.

Off Road Wales Limited will provide the vehicles, insurance, fuel and lunch.

Off Road Wales Limited use Land Rover Defender and Land Rover Discovery vehicles for these events.

Candidates follow the lead Land Rover and instructions are issued throughout each stage. There is a maximum of 3 persons per Land Rover per day so as to ensure candidates are given the maximum amount of Green Laning time possible.


The Brecon Beacons National Park dominates the landscape of South Wales. It stretches all the way from the Black Mountain ranges in the west to the Usk in the east, an area of over 500 square miles. The name is taken from the historic use of the area for signal beacons, which is not surprising since the majority of the landscape is above 1000ft.

The Romans left many marks on the Welsh landscape of the Brecon Beacons National Park. Sarn Helen is considered to be a good specimen of undoubted Roman Road and is one Green Lane route used by Off Road Wales Limited.

This Green Lane runs the length of the principality from Carmarthen to Caernarfon. Our route starts in the Neath Valley and ends at the Brecon Beacons Visitor Centre. This is 10 miles of breathtaking Welsh Terrain.

There have been quite a few variants on the Sarn Helen route but the one we drive is probably the toughest and the best because it takes in all the extra bits and pieces quite often bypassed by lesser routes. It is a tough drive and will challenge novice and experienced 4x4 drivers.
Maen Madoc stone
Along the way the route passes an inscribed stone known as the Maen Madoc. The Maen Madoc lies adjacent to Sarn Helen and is thought to mark a Christian burial site (roadside graves being a feature of Roman burials). The stone is inscribed on one side with the words DERVACI FILIVS IVSTI IC IACITI ("Deravacus the son of Justus, here he lies"). Deeply embedded stones surround the base of the stone; this is thought to mark the grave itself.

Sarn Helen is one of the many roads credited to the wife of the Roman Emperor Magnus Maximus. He arrived in Britain around 368 A.D. and married the daughter of Elen of the Hosts also named Elen.

After his death on July 23 rd 388, Elen went on to do great things. Due to the number of Roman Roads she is associated with she is also referred to as Elen of the Ways. According to Welsh myths she also appears as the wife of Merlin.

Llyn Brianne viewed from the southLlyn Brianne reservoir was originally built to satisfy the growing demands of heavy industry in and around the Swansea area, notably the tin plate works at Felindre and a smelting plant at Llansamlet. Ironically, both of these have since closed down and water from Llyn Brianne, which is surplus to the needs of the Swansea area now goes into the general supply quenching thirsts all the way from Llanelli, across West and South Wales and as far East as Cardiff.

The Llyn Brianne route loops through beautiful Welsh scenery culminating at the ancient Abbey at Strata Florida the furthermost point from the start.

The Green Lane out to the Abbey uses excellent stony trails and river crossings around Llyn Brianne and the Claerwen reservoirs.

Mid Wales is an excellent area for Off Road Driving with its combination of hard rock; shale and grit that gives a good all round driving experience. Expect to drive over technical exposed rock sections and huge expanses of open moor land.

In view of the fact that Off Road Wales Limited spends much of its time in the Brecon Beacons, we have put ourselves forward as volunteer wardens for the National Park.

Our aim and objective is to work in harmony with those who have to manage and care for the Park from day to day and we therefore, subscribe 100% to the National Park's "How to enjoy off roading in the National Park".

Off Road Wales Limited would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting this site and we look forward to welcoming you at our base in Jersey Marine Swansea for a day or two of "off roading".

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